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Sacred Conception Healing Day Retreat

Sacred Conception Healing Day Retreat

Learn how you can conceive your baby, by deeply preparing and healing you, as mama to be – mind body and spirit and directly connecting to your soul baby to usher them in.

This whole day, will be a healing container for you to be held by me, your sacred midwife.

I know this road is not easy, but allow me to hold the space for you to soften, surrender and heal.

This will be a space for you away from the stresses and constrictions of the outside world, and will bring you into deeper connection with you, your powerful sacred body and womb, and most importantly the spirit of your baby.

I have dedicated my whole career and life, over the last 12 years to blending the medical and the mystical, the spiritual and the science, by blending my Midwifery skills knowledge and experience with my deep spiritual connection.

I have created a method of healing and conceiving your baby called “Sacred Conception Method” and using this method many many many miracle babies have been born!

I believe that if your reading this, the soul of your baby has brought you to this special day and to me. They have whispered your next steps and all you have to do is listen to their gentle nudges.

The souls being brought into the world over the next few years are beautiful, high vibrational and wise souls with a mission to bring harmony to the planet, as a result – I have been given specific instructions on how we can best prepare the mother to receive their babies.

This healing day Retreat includes;

  • Opening Sharing Circle
  • Cacao Ceremony (Heart & Womb Medicine)
  • Healing the Mother
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Womb Healing & Blessing
  • Receive the Rite of the Munay Ki Tribe
  • Calling back the Goddess
  • Transmissions of Healing for both you and the spirit of your baby
  • Energy Healings & Recalibration to bring you into vibrational alignment for your babies soul to enter.
  • Closing Ceremony

Who EXACTLY is this programme for?

  • Any woman, who wishes to conceive a baby.
  • Any woman, who wishes to conceive a baby – some day!
  • Any woman who has been on the journey of conception and fertility for some time and knows there must be more than just the medical road.
  • A woman who is ready to look within, and who is ready to take full responsibility and her power back!
  • A woman who is open-minded to a non traditional and spiritual approach to your conception.
  • A woman who would like to connect deeper to their body, their spirituality and their baby.
  • A woman who feels a connection to the soul of their baby.

This is STILL for you even if:

  • You have been given a medical diagnosis
  • You have been on the journey a long time and have been given little to no hope!
  • You are in a same sex relationship
  • You are single
  • You are going through medical treatment (IVF/ICSI/Donor Cycle/Egg Retrieval/Embryo Transfer)
  • You have experienced pregnancy release.

My wish for you;

  • I want you to feel empowered
  • I want you to understand the sacredness of this rite of passage
  • I want you to remember your power
  • I want you to be astounded by the power of your body
  • I want you to feel deeply connected to the universe and your baby
  • I want to support your baby to have an easy transition to conception
  • I want to reduce any issues your baby may experience when transitioning into human form
  • I want your baby to feel loved, connected and comfortable at all times of their special journey
  • I want your conception journey to be one of pleasure, intimacy, love and ecstasy!

Making a decision to have a child is momentous, it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

– Unknown

Due to the sacredness of this container I would like to keep this intimate. Very limited spaces available and Sarah’s Ceremonies book up very quickly. If this is calling to you – click here to book. You can pay in full or pay a deposit.


Anyone who books on receives a 10% discount on Sarah’s extremely popular Sacred Conception Method 12 week programme with excellent pregnancy results!


Sunday March 27th 10am to 5pm


River Room, River Holistic Centre, Raheny, Dublin 5

Investment: €222 Deposit: €50

To book on this beautiful retreat please follow the link below: