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Dates: January 8 th , February 5 th , March 5 th (all Sundays)
Time: 6.10pm – 7.50pm – 100 minutes
Investment: €25

Restorative yoga is about slowing down and moving gently and mindfully through a number
of postures to help us rest and relax deeply. It provides a warm and calming opportunity to
take time out from everyday demands and distractions so we may improve the balance
between our body and mind. Restorative yoga stimulates and soothes the body organs
providing the perfect antidote to the continuous “on” nature of modern life.

Comfort is fundamental in restorative yoga. Classes are slow paced and various props, such
as bolsters, blocks and blankets are used to ensure the muscles are fully supported
throughout the postures. The postures will create spaciousness and ease in our muscles, so
our body feels open and refreshed.

Benefits include:
There are many benefits of restorative yoga including:
 Balances the nervous system – triggers the Parasympathetic Nervous System
 Deepens relaxation & aids sleep
 Increases body awareness and mindfulness
 Encourages Healing
 Increases flexibility
 Improves the immune system
 Provides a safe and supported environment

About the instructor
Winnie is a qualified yoga teacher who encourages everyone to come to the mat & devote
that time to just you. Winnie’s classes provide a supportive and relaxed environment for
students. She will demonstrate each posture with special attention to comfort, mindful
movement and the breath.

Who should attend?
People of all ages and sex are warmly welcomed to this class – whether this will be your first
yoga class, or you have a regular practice. Beginners are very welcome. This class is not
suitable for pregnant people or people with spinal disc injuries. Please contact me if you
have any queries regarding your suitability for attendance.
The room will be heated for a cosy environment & you are invited to bring warm socks or a
jumper for additional comfort. Blocks, bolsters and blankets will be supplied but please bring
your own mat.

Booking & Inquiries
Please contact Winnie directly on 086 8419335 or through Instagram & Facebook at
@yogasolas to book ~ payment must be made in advance to secure your booking.