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Repair Your Relationship With Food

Repair Your Relationship With Food

Repair Your Relationship With Food

Are you stuck in a cycle or dieting? Do you struggle with your body image? Does food cause you to feel stressed on a regular basis?

Time & Location

30 Jun, 10:00 – 13:00River Holistic Centre, Ashbrook House, 10 Main St, Clontarf, Raheny, Co. Dublin, D05 K1C6, Ireland

About the Event

Do you struggle with your relationship with food? The majority of us have tried some sort of diet and as a result, our relationship with food is damaged and we’ve been avoiding foods that we truly enjoy. Often this leads to a cycle of restriction followed by binging and we end up overthinking every food choice we make. We stress about our bodies and live in fear around food. This workshop is designed to provide you with the guidance and tools you need to begin repairing your relationship with food.

In the workshop, you will receive a detailed  50 page workbook that Robyn uses with 1:1 clients in her private clinic. This workbook contains valuable tools and information to help you on your journey to repairing your relationship with food. It will be your guide over the coming months

This workshop provides you with information and tools to:

  • Ditch The Diet Mentality 
  • Understand Emotional Eating
  • Understand Binge Eating
  • Weight Cycling
  • Gentle Nutrition Education
  • Calling Out Nutrition BS
  • Movement & Choosing A Form For Enjoyment
  • Meditation – Your Food Police + Inner Child

This is not a workshop designed to help you lose weight so we ask you to put aside aesthetics as you embark on your journey. By doing so, you will find your healthy weight.

Price: 75 euros per person

* Please note this workshop is not suitable to anyone with a diagnosed eating disorder as it is advisable to seek 1:1 assistance from a qualified healthcare professional*

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