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Relax and Restore Yoga

Relax and Restore Yoga


Relax & Restore Yoga

In this unique blend of yoga we will work through a series of postures which will be completed mainly sitting or lying down to enable you to fully relax and restore a sense of balance and calmness in body and mind.

The postures used will draw from principles of restorative, yin and DRU yoga, blended together to offer a unique approach to delve deeper within.
During this class we will hold the postures for extended periods of time (3 – 5 minutes), offering you the opportunity to explore your body and thought patterns. Using breath- awareness, mantra, meditations and props for support we will begin to delve into the art of surrender and acceptance.

Our relax and restore class is suitable for everyone, as postures are modified depending on your individual needs. A huge emphasis is placed upon ‘checking in’ with your body to explore howpostures feel to you, and adaptations are offered for all postures to enable you to work at a level which feels right for your body.

I have found these styles of yoga particularly beneficial in my own 10 year healing journey, as they offered me the opportunity to practice yoga when I was to ill and weak to stand, so I adopted restorative and later yin yoga to accompany me on my healing journey.

This class finish with a deep relaxation to allow the body and mind to rest in stillness.


“Relax, Unwind & Free Your Mind.”