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Reiki Master with Sarah

Reiki Master with Sarah

Reiki Master:

Reiki Master Level was so incredible that I did it twice!

It was such an incredible transformative weekend. It brought me from a Reiki Practitioner to a Reiki Master & Teacher so that I could share the miracles with others. Not only that but my healing ability was completely amplified!

What to expect on this weekend course:

– You will be attuned to the last two rays of Reiki (7 in total).

– Mindfulness, Meditation & Mantra

– Raising your Vibrartion

– We’ll be clearing more on mental, emotional and spiritual level during the weekend.

– Accessing and activating the Reiki Master symbol.

– Practice giving Reiki Attunements for Level One & Two.

– How to set up powerful and effective Reiki treatments for your clients.

– Essential Oil use during healings

– Techniques that help create lots of abundance in your life.

– How to set up a thriving Reiki Practice & keep regular clients.

– Teaching techniques

What will you receive:

– Your Reiki Master Attunement

– You will receive a gift from me

– Your Reiki Master Manual

– Your Reiki Master & Teacher Certificate

To be eligible for the Reiki Master you must have completed Reiki 1 and 2.

Location: The River Holistic Centre, Ashbrook House, Raheny, D5

Time: 10am to 5pm (Sat) & 10am to 5pm

Investment: €450

To secure your place you need to pay a deposit of €50


Investment: €450

Dates: 23rd and 24th of January 2021 10pm to 5pm

To secure your space contact Sarah:

0852546922 or Sarah@namastewellnesscentre.ie


Sarah 🙂