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Reiki Level 2 with Anna

Reiki Level 2 with Anna

Reiki level Two is a 2-day workshop for those who have completed Reiki one and want to delve further into healing for themselves and to work as a professional therapist.

During this workshop revision is given to symbols and hand positions of Reiki 1, the Chakra system, Meditation, attunement of new symbols, understanding the intelligence of energy and plenty of practical experience and not to forget the “much more”

When attuned to Reiki two you become more aware of the importance of your whole self, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual and your connection with divine source.

During the attunement of the symbols the Heart chakra which is the midpoint between the physical and the spiritual realms opens and your sensitivity and intuition to subtle energies heightens.

The desire to complete Reiki Two is felt like a heart yearning to learn more but also to share and help others to begin their own soul journey.

You will learn:

* Distant/absentee healing

*Healing deeper traumas

*Healing crisis

*Healing relationships

*Healing situations (past, present or the future)

*Cutting Cords

Over the two days you will experience a sense of calmness, relaxation, a deep inner peace and most importantly Fun.

The class is limited to ensure individual attention and professional supervision.

The criteria for this level is completion of Reiki Level 1.

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