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Reiki 1 with Anna Gale

Reiki 1 with Anna Gale

Reiki level 1

This two day workshop introduces you to the energy of this Japanese healing modality. You will learn about the history of Reiki, how it works and how it will benefit all aspects of your life.

You will receive The Reiki attunmemts and certificate on completion of the two days.

The weekend is filled with relaxation and Tao/Buddhism Meditations.

Dancing and art to encourage your own flow of energy.

You will also learn to ground yourself and be more present in your body, breathing relaxation, time for you to have space to allow clarity settle in your heart and head space, full of wonders with meditations focused on the chakra system, it’s a space that Is held where people can feel safe and not judged to what they bring to the table, it’s a space to discover your authentic self and nothing to be scared of returning home to your own heart, yes it can be emotional but this is where the real work begins and I will hold space for you that is nurturing gentle and kind. And we would love to have your energy with us ❤❤❤❤

Teacher: Ana Gale

On this two day workshop you will learn

  • The history of Reiki & Reiki Principles
  • What reiki is / Learn how reiki works
  • The Seven Chakras (what they relate to and corresponding emotions)
  • Practice scanning and sensing the chakras
  • Self treatment hand positions
  • Hand positions for self treatment and treating others (chair treatments & plinth treatments)
  • The Aura – perform scanning, cleansing and protecting
  • Learn techniques to maintain your centre & balance in everyday life (grounding etc)
  • Bring reiki into all areas of your life
  • Give and receive a full Reiki treatment

You will also receive

  • Your Reiki Level 1 Certificate
  • Continued support from me
  • A two hour follow up session approximately six weeks after the course is provided for continued support in your Reiki practice. It is a space to answer any questions, revise techniques and to give and receive a reiki treatment.

For further information you can contact myself Ana Gale on 0860716674