Refresher Reflexology Workshop

image of someone receiving reflexology at River Holistic refresher reflexology course

What’s the one thing that is stopping you from practicing in Reflexology?


This two day Refresher Reflexology workshop is designed to give you the confidence to go out and be the therapist that you started out to be.  If like so many, life took hold and stopped you from going out and practicing, then this 2 day workshop is exactly what you need.

This Refresher Reflexology workshop is all about honing your skills, fine tuning your location of points and well, just reminding yourself that you can be the reflexologist that you wanted to be.

When studying for your qualification it was all about memorizing a routine, panicking over your case studies and probably losing sight on why you started the course in the first place.  Let me help you get back to why you chose this amazing therapy in the first place.


When I started teaching this course 5 years ago, it used to be held over one day and the feedback from most of the students was that would of loved more hands on time.

Over the course of the two days you will:

  • Work on and receive at least 2 full treatments without the use of notes.
  • Cover the importance of joining an organization for your clients to avail of money back from their insurance companies.
  • Obtain 100 CPD points, which will enable you to join your chosen organization.
  • Discuss business strategies to help build your business.
  • Reflexology techniques basic and advanced
  • The most common ailments/conditions and which reflexes to work.
  • Be Shown some advanced techniques to add to your treatment.
  • Revision of reading the feet, zone therapy, locating reflexes, supporting hand
  • Build a network with other therapists.
  • Have online support once you have completed the course.
  • Realize that you actually have all the knowledge to be a great Reflexologist.

I keep the class sizes to a maximum of 10 to assure that everyone gets the attention that they need.

Look forward to seeing you on the next course.

Please feel free to either email me on or call 0879304412 if I can answer any questions that you may have.


Class Trainer

Claire Kenny


I would like to introduce myself to those that I have not had the pleasure to meet. My name is Claire and I am the owner and manager here at River Holistic. I opened this safe haven in 2013 as I saw a need to create a space were you can come to find balance in your everyday life.

I first fell in awe of Complementary therapies by watching my Mother learn and become one of the most compassionate therapists I have ever met. She taught me the importance of realising that we are all on our own journey and sometimes need a helping hand along the way, this is the role of any therapist, a compass, a journal, a listening ear and sometimes your reminder that it is okay not to be okay and need a little help.

I became a full time, self employed holistic therapist at 20 and it is still my truest passion, I specialized in Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology and also general Reflexology. 

Although I am no longer taking clients myself I love to still advise you on the right therapy to choose that will help you on your own journey to health and wellbeing.

I adore to teach and watch my students love for Reflexology and Business ignite. I truly believe that we are all students in life and I am constantly researching and gaining knowledge in all fields that will make your time here truly unique.

I am blessed to host some of the best self employed therapists and teachers in the country and I am honoured to share their love for the holistic approach to life.

I am always at the end of an email or private message, so don’t be shy and let me help you make your time at River the best time spent.


Class Hours

2nd and 3rd of September

10.00am – 5.00pm

Both Days

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