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Reflexology Master Class

Reflexology Master Class

This workshop is designed for qualified Reflexology Therapists who like me have a passion for learning new approaches to this astounding therapy.

When learning reflexology we are all taught a routine to demonstrate an understanding of the therapy.  Once qualified sometimes we can become stuck in a rut and don’t know how to adapt our treatments to suit the individual clients that we meet on a daily basis.  No two treatments should ever be the same as no two days can ever be experienced in the exact same way, we need to look at our treatments like this.

In this workshop I will introduce new approaches to your “routine” and you will learn to shy away from a sequence, but rather gain confidence in yourself as a therapist and understand that your treatment must be organic and holistic.

I will show you:

  • reasoning behind working certain reflex points in different ways
  • incorporate the importance of linking,
  • show the importance of working the spinal reflexes
  • demonstrate lymphatic drainage and why it is paramount to a create a balance in the body
  • teach you how to do an endocrine balance sequence