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The Red Tent

The Red Tent

A place to Co-Create being a Woman

The Red tent was inspired by a chapter from Genesis, the first book of the old testament. It tells the story of Dinah the daughter of Jacob. According to the story Dinah had been abducted and violated. In retaliation for this, her brothers take brutal revenge on the Prince and his family. The story of the Red Tent was created by Anita Diamant and was first published in 1997 and inspired by the menstrual hut mentioned in the biblical story. It was scribed that the women of the time (Jacobs wives) spent their menstruating period in the of space of the Red Tent (hut) and in this sacred gathering of woman, great stories of love, life, wisdom ,sorrow trials and tribulations where heard and listened to with compassion and understanding. In this space women gave birth amongst women only and were cared for and nurtured and guided by their elders.

In this space woman spoke from the heart and trusted what they shared was held within the Red Tent the real truth was told and the birth of authenticity was born.

The essence of the Red Tent is for all woman who have entered the right of passage of becoming a woman. It is a place for Maiden, Mother and Crone. Within this sacred gathering woman come together to support and nurture each other. From sharing wisdom to exploring femininity and sensuality to discovering the joys of becoming a mother and sharing birth stories. It is a place to share the journey of being a woman. From self- care and love, to guidance through pregnancy and childbirth to honouring the menopause. There is no great significance if you are a mother or not, it does not matter you are still a mother to your own inner child.

This space is being created for the woman of the community and it is envisaged that it be held once a month close to new/full moon. Most woman menstrual in synchronicity. It is for all woman (menstruating) regardless of what stage of life you are at.

During the evening a space is created for Dance, meditation, Goal setting, nurturing and sharing. All that is required is to turn up with an open heart to reconnect with our sisterhood.

Wear an item of red clothing layers preferably

Bring some water

Cost is donation based

Anna Gale