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Preparing Mama

Preparing Mama

Preparing Mama: Prepare, Empower, Breath

About Fran

Fran is a mum of 2 children with a background in Counselling. She is one of the founders of the National Maternal Mental Wellness campaign called Paint Your Bump. And she is a pregnancy Yoga Teacher.

Her passion is supporting women on their journey to motherhood.

Why Create a Post- Partum Plan?

Think of any major life event such as getting married or buying a new home, they are exciting times but they are not without their stresses and as such generally we would have support to help with these events.

We as women often plan a lot for the birth but not so much for when the baby is born other than the practical purchases.

I believe becoming a mother is one of the biggest transitions or changes we will make in our lives as women, so why would we not plan for that or have our supports in place?

A postpartum plan is about empowering women to create a list of their positive supports in their lives for when baby arrives, to encourage them to create a self-care plan for themselves for when the baby arrives.  To learn some key myths around motherhood & new positive coping skills for the early days of mothering when we can often feel overwhelmed & exhausted.

What can I Expect from the Workshop?

3 Hour’s

Preparing Mama is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the transition to motherhood.

To begin our workshop I will guide you through some gentle yoga poses to help to encourage deep relaxation in the body & encourage the release of the beautiful hormone oxytocin.

Using the breath, visualisation’s & relaxation techniques to help you reduce stress, slow down and take a break from the stresses you may be feeling during your pregnancy & preparing for motherhood.

Following on from our Pregnancy Yoga, together we will prepare a postpartum plan tailored to each individual andher needs for the when your baby has arrived this will include;

  • Creating a post-partum plan
  • Learning positive coping skills to help support you during your transition to motherhood
  • Creating your self-care plan
  • Chat about our Expectations v’s the reality of becoming a mother

To end our workshop you will be guided through a deeply relaxing candle lit Yoga Nidra meditation.

(Light snacks included)

Dates: September 1st 2019 or November 17th 2019

Investment: €69

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