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Physic Protection

Physic Protection

As we go through life we may pick up on lower or negative energies from people, places, things or situations.
Many of us are sensitive to energies – Clairsentient, we may hear Guidance – Clairaudient, or we may see our spirit guides, angels or loved ones – Clairvoyant.

In this one day workshop, Sarah will guide you on how best to protect yourself, ground your energy, clear your energy, connect to spirit for guidance and reassurance.

Sarah will demonstrate how to cut energetic cords to people, places, situations in our life.

You will also learn how to clear the energy of a space, room, objects and many more.

Includes Meditation, Hands on Healing and guidance.

Cost €97

Location: River Room, River Holistic Centre, Raheny, D5.

Date: 27th September 10-5

To book in: www.namastewellnesscentre.ie/hire-us