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Perfumer Experience

Perfumer Experience

We are truly honoured to welcome back Chantal Dufag to the centre where she will enhance your understanding of the essence of essential oils and the use of them in making a truly personal perfume blend.

This is the second stage of your journey in learning about what scents mean, why you are drawn to them and how to add them into your life.

There will be a further 2 workshops to follow, please express interest after attendance of this workshop.

Perfumer Experience

€50 per person

Time: 2 hours

Date to be announced

Understanding the Art of Perfume Creation

  • Participants will receive an introduction to the main perfume family
  • Presentation and introduction of the Perfume Creation Process o Olfactory evaluation of ready prepared 3 perfume bases (Top, Heart, and Bottom notes) Create a composition in a 2ml vial
  • Participants will Blend the 3 bases according to their preferences Benefit
  • Discovery of the hidden world of the art of creating perfume
  • Discover the true Scent of nature
  • Creation of one’s own individual perfume

Chantal Dufag

One morning, when I was still a product manager for a multinational, my daughter, before I left for Tokyo, said to me: “Mom do you want to put your perfume in my scarf so that I have your smell with me? “. After generously pouring Chanel N ° 5 into this scarf I left to my daughter, I meet in the airplane the smell of Chanel N ° 5 and take all the dimension of the evocative power of odours.

A Little girl raised in Parisian concrete, it is in Martinique that I discovered for the first time the fruity, woody, spicy sweetness of this island with flowers and the richness of perfumes of this nature.
On my return from Tokyo, I decided to give a new turn to my professional life: I trained at the School of Perfume of Versailles (ISIPCA) and completed my knowledge in aromatherapy and phytotherapy at the Ecole Lyonnaise des Plantes Médicinales and the Faculty of Medicine of Bobigny (Paris XIII). I regularly intervene with the Fragonard Fragrance Museum for which I run “Apprentice perfumeur” workshops for an international clientele.
Today, I pass on my knowledge of essential oils in the form of tailor-made workshops: from the use of oils to the creation of a unique perfume, I accompany you on the path of scents.