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Pellowah Training

Pellowah Ireland Workshops

Pellowah is Simple, Powerful and Effective

Welcome to Pellowah Ireland Workshops! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the profound benefits of Pellowah Attunement! Book Now! We look forward to sharing the magic of Pellowah with you!

Pellowah Attunements are beneficial for everyone! Great for the Practitioner wishing to learn a new modality, and wonderful for individual spiritual expansion. Pellowah is easy to learn, simple to use, and enables you to create positive lasting change in your life!

The primary focus of Pellowah is “Shifting Consciousness” on an individual basis. Our individual spiritual growth and evolution contributes to the raising of Collective Consciousness.

With Pellowah Attunements you can expect: an alignment of the meridians, activation of 12 Strand DNA, greater inner peace, inner strength and confidence. Everyday decisions, and decisions for your highest purpose become easier to navigate, thoughts are clearer and not limited by previous patterns and experiences. Objectivity, creativity, connection and wellbeing are enhanced. Your ability to receive insights and focus your thoughts, words and actions on your life journey become a natural part of your being.

Pellowah Level l Attunement
This Attunement allows you to become a Practitioner of this wonderful form of Energy Healing. At this level of Attunement your own awareness will be greatly expanded, and this enables you to make intuitive decisions with great certainty. A sense of inner strength and wellbeing will continue to increase as each day goes by.

At Practitioner Level you are able to give treatments to clients, friends, family and animals.

Receiving a Level l Attunement is similar to the energy of 10 Pellowah treatments.

Pellowah Level ll Attunement
An opening and alignment of your Spiritual self for your personal growth and expansion. This attunement increases your capacity to hold the energy and the light. To connect with your higher self, and bring that higher energy and consciousness into your everyday life.

As a result of being in connection with your higher self you establish a greater sense of your own inner authority, your sovereignty – enhanced problem solving, self confidence, clearer communication and a greater level of balance in all areas of life are just some of the benefits!

Receiving a Level ll Attunement is similar to the energy of 100 Pellowah treatments.

During Level l and Level ll Workshops you will receive and give a Pellowah Energy Healing in addition to your Attunments. It is imperative that you do not undertake any other form of energy work within 24 hours of your Attunements.

Certificates and Manuals included Investment: €425.00

Course Facilitator

Julie Parker

The joy of facilitating attunements for others is an immense gift! To see the changes happen within a 2 day workshop is miraculous! And I am immensely grateful for those who heed the call and embark on their own Pellowah journey. It is a privilege to see each participant unfolding their own truth and stepping into their true power. One of the many things I love about Pellowah is the groundedness with which it is shared. I love its simplicity and its power! Kachina Ma’an has been guided at every step, from attunements, to workbooks, teaching and keeping the intention and purpose of Pellowah pure… If you feel the call I would love the opportunity to share this magical technique with you!

Bookings made directly through Julie.

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Course Dates

April 20th and 21st

9.00am – 5:00pm

July 20th and 21st

9.00am – 5:00pm