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Open Level ~ 8 Week Yoga Class

Open Level ~ 8 Week Yoga Class

8 Week Yoga Course – Open Level

This 8 week yoga course is an open level class where we’ll practice a mix of hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga, flowing from one pose to the next and also holding poses for several breaths to practice both conscious movement and present stillness.

The class is open level so anyone can join, and for this reason I provide plenty of variations and modifications for the poses. For beginners you are jumping right in, knowing you’ll pick it up as you go and can take any modifications that suit you, and those with a more regular practice will still be challenged throughout the class.

Moving in tune with the breath as we do in yoga has a meditative effect, quieting the mind and helping you drop into the present moment. Letting the stress, overwhelm and anxiety associated with the non-stop chatter in your mind to melt away by the end of the class, leaving you feeling super relaxed. Added bonus is that you’re getting in your daily exercise!

I’m hosting a free 3-day yoga challenge on facebook starting on the 23rd of February to give you a chance to see if this course is for you! I’ll be going live at 5.30pm from the 23rd of February for 3 days in a row to guide you through the elements of a yoga class, whether you are totally new and want to know what it’s all about or have practiced before but want a little refresher and to get to know me before signing up! If you want to join the free challenge just send an email to aoife@undertheavotree.com and I’ll invite you to the group!  

New 8 week course starts on 1st March running until 26th of April

Mondays at 7.45pm to 8.45pm

€80 for full course | €10 for drop inEmail aoife@undertheavotree.com or call 0852158557 for any more details or to sign up.

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