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Nourish Your Soul

Nourish Your Soul

Are you feeling exhausted, tired, unmotivated, stressed out, burnt out, fed up or disconnected?

Welcome to your tribe my dear friend!

I continuously hear people saying ‘I’m just exhausted’, ‘It’s just my busy time in work’ ‘I’m stressed out with work / family’ ‘I feel disconnected and disheartened’ ‘Is this IT???’. So that’s why I’ve created this course to get you back on track, and by that, I mean YOUR track.

To Nourish Your Soul and reconnect you with the essence of who you are at your core, the person who you may have lost in the busyness of life.

This course is designed to empower you to identify your burn out and stress patterns whilst connecting you back to who you are at your core essence, to enable you to shine brightly and to finally start living a life you love.

During this four class program I will teach you the tools which have been proven to decrease stress,and increase happiness and connection to who it is you are.

The teachings I draw upon have deep rooted foundations in yoga, meditation, coaching and EFT /   Tapping.  The tools and techniques you learn on this four week course have the power to transform your life and to enable you to manage stressful situations in a way that is more aligned with who you are.


 We will spend two and a quarter hours together every second Tuesday, learning and experiencing the tools and technique which have the power to transform your life in a small group of 6 people.

Each week you will receive handouts which are filled with thought provokers, to enable you to become more aware of your patterns and behaviours which might be limiting you from reaching your full potential of who you know you are at your core.

This course is all about you, so you get to decide how deep you go, how much of a transformation you want but remember, the more you put into this course the more you will benefit from it.


Having personally spent the last ten years of my life on a healing journey, I have explored and implemented all of the techniques from this course into my own daily life.  As result I can now manage six out of my seven chronic illnesses exclusively by how I live my daily life.

I understand what it’s like to feel stressed, to flap about in the burnout bucket, to work 60 – 75 hour weeks, but not anymore.  I have dedicated most of my adult life to learning as much as I can about wellness, stress reduction and reconnecting with the light within me.  During this four week course I intend to impart this knowledge on to you during our time together.

I hold qualifications in yoga & meditation, an advanced diploma in personal & executive coaching, certificates in EFT and Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass training, to name just a few.

I work in a holistic way with clients, to enable them to get their head, heart and health back on track.

What people are saying

“Being apart of Nourish Your Soul was an absolute blessing. Laura is a wonderful teacher and my life is closer to where I want it to be because of her. With this course I came to understand that I am not alone with my struggles but also that they don’t need to control me anymore. I have come to adopt a variety of meditative techniques in my life that are so simple yet so effective. Thank you Laura. You’re an angel.”

— Eimear

“Laura is a truly wonderful teacher and inspiring facilitator. She not only takes us through her wide portfolio of physical postures and exercises but she also creates a highly mindful and relaxing atmosphere – making her class a must-do event each week.”

— P.P

“Finally, I wrote something new! I have to thank you for this because you gave me a lot of motivation that helped build up my courage to write again”

— M.W, Dublin

“‘Nourish your Soul’ provided empowering tools to help me manage stress and direct my life towards my dreams , while simultaneously making choices to appreciate life and get to know and accept who I truly am. Laura is a beautiful example of how positive action based on proven techniques can transform your experience of life .”

— Una

“I started Dru yoga with Laura to help me relax and regenerate my body. To ease tired muscles and release outdated belief systems. What I experienced was a caring intuitive holistic healing class that guided me inward on a journey of self discovery. The emphasis on tuning into how I am feeling increased my awareness and body mind connection. A beautiful life enhancing class! ”

— Una

“In 4 weeks of life coaching with Laura I feel like I am carrying a lighter load. I am tackling issues with a lot more clarity and feel more confident that I will achieve my goals.”

— Nichola, Dublin

“I started the Dru Yoga class with Laura after being in a Car Accident & unable to go to my weekly hatha yoga class. I found Dru yoga a gentler type of yoga & was such a blessing to find this class at a difficult time in my life. Laura is so much more than a yoga teacher & really takes an interest in you as a person, her advice & support for the last 9 months has been invaluable & something I will always be grateful to her for. I am now back at my other yoga class but continue with the Dru as I enjoy the class so much I couldn’t imagine not going. ”

— Louise

Classes take place on Tuesday the 17th & 31st of May, and the 14th & 28th of June 2016 (every second Tuesday).  Classes run from 7 pm until 9.15 pm in River Holistic Centre in Raheny.

  • Exclusive Access to our Members Only Facebook Page.
  • Downloadable Deep Relaxations and Meditations to support your journey on this course.
  • Downloadable EFT / Tapping Audios.
  • 10% discount on all 1-1 follow up coaching sessions with Laura both during and for up to six months after the finish of the course.
The investment of this course is €200, however an early bird rate of €175 will apply for all places booked on or before Friday 6th of May 2016.  All places can be reserved by paying a €55 non-refundable deposit with the balance due by the 6th of May. Payment options are as follows:

  • Full payment via paypal of €175 early bird rate or €200 after May 6th.
  • Payment plan: €55 non-refundable deposit via paypal plus two installment payments of €60 due by May 6th.
Nourish Your Soul 4 Week Course



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