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Niamh Healy

Niamh Healy

In my work as an antenatal teacher and a baby massage instructor, I often
come across parents who have been traumatised by their experiences, mostly
during birth but sometimes due to miscarriages, stillbirth, a baby born
prematurely or complications antenatally or postnatally, or parents who were
traumatised by how they were treated.

Before training in Birth Trauma Resolution I felt powerless to help them. All I
could offer was a listening ear and empathy. Since completing my training, I’ve
been blown away by the differences it can make in someone’s life when this
therapy takes away their trauma. I especially like that it is solution-focused
with typically only 2-4 sessions required for complete recovery from traumatic

My background: I have been an antenatal teacher since 2005 and a tutor on
Cuidiú Antenatal Ireland’s teacher training programme since 2013. I’ve been
teaching Pregnancy Relax Stretch Breathe classes since 2012, Baby Massage
classes since 2014 and GentleBirth workshops since 2015.
I am author of www.bump2babe.ie The 2018 Consumer Guide to Maternity
Services in Ireland

Contact Details: Contact details are dublinantenatal@gmail.com and 0868577140