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Myofascial Release (SAT)

Myofascial Release (SAT)

SAT (myofascial release)

Structural Awareness Technique uses a combination of body mapping, myofascial release, posture, emotional anatomy and breathwork:
All treatments are 2 hours.
The 1st treatment involves body mapping and analysis. Then a deep pressure full body treatment followed by a soothing integration method, usually head/occipital release.
Further treatments less time is spent on body analysis, the focus is on myofascial release.

SAT is about looking at the bigger picture – zooming out rather than focusing on the little individual problems. Looking at the body as a whole to source the roots of postural issues.

“Not only does posture reflect the way that one’s feeling inside, but the feeling and posture become so fused that one readily leads to another. In this way, posture and body habits come, not only to reflect character, but to actually sustain it and so may hinder growth and evolution.” Swami Rama

SAT is finding freedom within our body, our posture, our breath and reflecting that out into our daily lives.
Trauma release that may be held in the body.

It gives people a practice – creating empowered clients, not dependant.

Our body sculpts itself around our life experiences, whether we are sitting at a desk or on our feet all day, we harbour it all in our tissues,in our bodies. These habits in the way we hold our body, in turn effects our mind, our emotions and our quality of life.

An area that presents as a problem, for example shoulder pain, could be rooted in a pelvis shift/tilt or another area of the body altogether. Analysing and working with the body as a whole, realigning shifts, tilts and rotations leading to healthier and stronger posture, emotional and energetic wellbeing.