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Mindfulness, Music and Movement Workshop

Mindfulness, Music and Movement Workshop

Sarah & Stephen have come together for this unique fusion of Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness & Music.

Stephen who is a pianist & composer, has an intense passion for minimalistic tones that induce a deep state of relaxation and sleep. Combined with Sarah – Yin Yoga instructor, Meditation & Mindfulness, along with her healing career. Combined, this evening is going to be one of complete bliss and relaxation.

Sarah will guide you through some breathing techniques, very gentle yin yoga practice, a guided yoga nidra and relaxation whilst Stephen accompanies live with beautiful melodies on the piano.

Very limited spaces.

When: 11th of March  6pm to 8pm

Investment: 30 euro.

Contact – 018310888 or 0852546922

or sarah@namastewellnesscentre.ie to reserve your space.



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