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Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga is a restorative type of yoga that takes a very slow gentle pace. The class consists of simple stretches, an introduction to some key postures, breathing practices and relaxation. The classes offer a chance to learn how to breathe deeply, discover movement and cultivate mindful awareness of body, mind, and breath.

These nurturing yogic practices have a profound effect on our physical, mental and emotional levels; during which we are allowed the space to create a sense of stillness in the mind, which allows us to re-connect with our own inner strength allowing a deep sense of contentment to arise, leaving us feeling lighter and more energised. With practice, yoga enables us to let go of stress/anxiety and to feel supported throughout the day to day happenings of life.

Students are encouraged to work within their own limitations. Classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, health conditions or abilities.

Suitable for beginners. It is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothes, eg. tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt. Please bring a mat. Limited spaces available.

For more information or to book your place please call or text:

Shirley on 087 245 7167


Registered with and fully insured by The British Wheel of Yoga.

Gentle Yoga

Monday – 6 to 7pm

4weeks for €50