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Meditation and Mantra 6 Week Term

Meditation and Mantra 6 Week Term

Meditation and Mantra 6 Week Term


Due to popular demand – I have decided to make this workshop into a 6 week term. It was one of the most intense and powerful meditations I have ever ran and the energy has spoken.

Mantra is the repetition of beautiful and sacred words, each designed to heal and empower your energy field. Each with a specific purpose that I will guide you through – for example, protection, love, peace, harmony etc.

This meditation will commence with teas/coffees and some snacks. Then I will lead you into a state of bliss through a guided meditation and relaxation, we will then begin our chanting mantras. I work very closely with energy and Angels and they will always be with us during these meditations making their presence known to us.

As a Reiki Master I always have hands on healing throughout these evenings for anyone that needs energy cleared. Everyone will leave feeling blissfully light.

Cost per 6 week term – €100
Drop in price available – please let me know on 0852546922 or Sarah@namastewellnesscentre.ie