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Mary Whelan

Mary Whelan

My name is Mary, I am 25 years old and I’ve been a holistic healer for 4 years now

In June 2021, I started up Mystic Holistics where I offer the following healing therapies..

Holistic Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. 

Ever since a young age, I’ve always felt so drawn to helping other people.. always giving and trying to cheer others up if they were down.. I’m a natural empath and I seem to always tune in to what other people need quite easily.

My goal for you as your therapist is to bring you back in touch with yourself first and foremost. I’d like to help you get to the root cause of any issues you’re having.

Physical pain usually always has a deeper meaning. Of course we can suffer injuries and they must be treated accordingly to repair the body. However, sometimes we can manifest physical pain in our bodies through suppressed and trapped emotions.

I have found in many cases with my clients that they are suffering with so much emotional stress in their life that it is creating illness and dis-ease in the body. I would like to help you understand any pain you feel first and help you release it from your body physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Therefore it is very important to me that I build a solid connection with my clients & hold a safe space for you to open up and let go.

That hour of time is yours. Your time to be fully with yourself and forget about the world outside for a little while.. 

I can’t guarantee miracles and cures to my clients, but I can guarantee that I will help you figure out any issues or problems you face mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We’re gonna dive deep into each part of you that needs healing, not just the surface layer

My availability:

Wednesday evenings

Friday mornings 

All day Saturday

I look forward to meeting you!

Email : marywhelan81@gmail.com

Contact number : 0874151702

Instagram : @mysticcholistics