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Marie McGrath

Marie McGrath

To introduce myself my name is Marie McGrath.
The therapies I would love to offer you are: Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki, Indian
Head Massage, Angel Card Reading with Guided Healing Meditation.

Having practiced Reiki for almost 20 years, the energy flows in a powerful but gentle way offering
you peace, comfort and relaxation. Seeing you as perfect and whole as you are regardless of labels
or diagnosis, the channeling of energy works on a deep soul level and clears away blocks easily.
Reiki is great for working with the emotions and clearing trauma.

The essential oils are so powerful and I wish to share their healing properties with you in an
Aromatherapy Massage. Touch is so important and can soothe us so much. In these times a lot of
people have not had a lot of physical touch. It calms the soul and is so good for our mood. I offer a
light to medium pressure massage and believe that it should be a relaxing experience.

Having a strong connection with the angels I can offer you guidance in this present moment. The
present moment is where we find peace and ultimately heaven. As a truth seeker I offer messages
of love – love being the ultimate truth. If there is anything concerning you at all I would love to help
soothe you with words of truth.

This is a time of spiritual awakenings on Earth. Spiritual awakenings are often uncomfortable and
messy. They can involve mental health issues. Having gone through many awakenings over the
years myself and having found understanding of self and balance I am ready to assist those
experiencing them now, with a wide open heart. It can be confusing and difficult and I would love to
offer you support and guidance.

I have worked on the phones in Childline and in a Dementia related charity among many other jobs.
Call me on 087 7419933 or make an appointment through reception.