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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymph drainage is a specific massage that is performed to redirect fluid from swollen areas of the body to healthy lymph vessels where it is transported back into the circulatory system.

The treatment is a very gentle rhythmic massage which calms the autonomic nervous system and in turn leaves you very relaxed.

Liz is the resideent MLD Therapist here in River Holistic and specialises in  Vodder  Manual Lymph drainage  .

Conditions which benefit.


Post-Operative Oedema -Cosmetic or Venous surgery

Post traumatic Oedema -muscle damage or dislocation of joints

Migraine and Tinnitus


Sinus congestion

PMT swelling


Helps detoxify the body and improve immune system.

Facial MLD reduces swelling under eyes, enhances skin tone and helps refine  contours of the face .