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Maiden Rites Of Grainne Circle

Maiden Rites Of Grainne Circle

Do you wish to honour your first Moontime in a way that the Ancestors of this land once celebrated, regardless of your current age? Then hear the call to join us under the Full Moon at this time of Spring, as we step from the aspect of girl to maiden/young woman to experience a beautiful honouring and reclaiming of yourself through powerful ceremony.

The Goddess Grainne embodies the bright young vibrancy of ‘I-can-do-anything’ feisty energy and she has much to teach us of consciously claiming our maiden energy. These Rites gift us the chance to reclaim this auspicious time whatever age we are. We have the opportunity to step into our womanhood retrospectively as we wished it had been, or perhaps you had a wonderful experience that you wish to share so we can all fully claim the energies of vibrant youth guided by the Goddess Grainne.

So if you wish to feel more feminine, live with the carefree fun of your youth in your life now, or if you want to embrace your womanly ways then come join our Circle to receive the Maiden Rites of Grainne. In the presence of like-hearted women, as we work ceremonially in supportive groups holding space and witnessing each other`s emergence into womanhood.

For thousands of years our ancestors have gathered in circle, and community in recognition of the power of connection, rites of passage, the moon and seasonal cycles, of the continuous unbroken circle of support.

Within this Maiden Rites Of Grainne Circle we will connect with the full moon energy as we gather to awaken within the power and strength of our innate nature through ceremony, fire blessing and connection.

*****Feedback From Some Previous Participants*****

“The full moon workshop was a really lovely experience. Laura was a great teacher and made everyone feel so welcome. It was paced perfectly with a balance of yoga and relaxation. I would thoroughly recommend taking the time to attend and give yourself a few hours in such a nice environment.” D.W.

“The alter in the middle of us with its beautiful colours, candles, precious stones & white roses was really amazing. It was really helpful that Laura explained what was going on with the Moon. Also writing things down that you want to shed and allowing them to be burnt away was really powerful then later writing down what you would like to welcome in to your life and taking that home with you felt really good. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to bring change into their lives or for those who would just like to enjoy a nice peaceful, relaxing afternoon in the company of other like minded womenfolk!” Nichola O’ Connor

Places will be limited to 10 people and must be pre-booked / pre-paid. Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided.

When: Friday 22nd of March 7 – 9.30pm. Registration, tea & coffee from 6.45pm
Where: River Holistic Centre, Raheny
Cost: €20

Bookings can be completed here: https://www.loveyourlife.ie/maiden-rites-of-grainne-circle or by contacting Laura on 085 8225450.