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Light Activation Workshop

Light Activation Workshop

Light Activation Workshop:

In this space you will journey with the Light of your soul, by receiving the guidance and messages that will support and empower you.

We will journey through some energetic communication excercises and allow you to communicate in an out of the ordinary way of sound, tone, and vibration. You will experience a sound bath type journey through a high frequency Light Language Transmission, while also learning about this potent healing modality and how it can support you.

We then transition to connecting to your intuition & guidance by connecting as a collective in a portal of light and channelling the information you receive in very supportive and held space

We finish with some intuitive Light Dancing where you can express your Light through the modality of movement without thought or constraint. 

This is a space where all is welcomed and where you will connect to like-minded souls, through healing in a high vibrational way! We all connect to the Light in some way this is the journey of realising yours, unlocking your highest potential, power, and purpose.

Outside your comfortable zone is where deepest healing lies and the pathway to the deepest transformation.

You will leave this workshop feeling nourished, alive, and expansive. 

If your curious follow your intuition…

If you resonate with the below then this is the workshop for you:

Do you dim your Light?

Do you feel like you don’t fit in sometimes?

Do you long to connect with something more?

Do you want to step out of your everyday programming?

Do you know you have a purpose & you’re not quite sure what it is?

In this intuitively led space you will receive: 

Light Language Activations

Collective Channelling 

Intuitive Light Dancing 

Voice & Soul Sound Awakening

Energetic Communication

Light Activation Worksop Details: 

When: Sun 20th Feb 

Time: 11am – 2pm

Investment: €49

About Claire:

Claire Killilea the founder of CLAIRITY. She is a Light Activation Coach who guides people to activate their inner light as they awaken and expand to integrate the soul into the body.

She work’s intuitively with people, pioneering the modality “Light Activation” by blending coaching, light language, channelling, mediumship, coaching, reprogramming, NLP and meditation to tune into what you need in that moment and working from a space connected to the soul and light. 

She is from Galway and based in Ibiza, where she works internationally sharing workshops, retreats, ceremonies and festivals which feed into her vision of the Temple of Light, connecting people through Purpose, Plants & Pleasure.

You can connect with CLAIRITY:

Reserve your space: Claire +353867782754

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/clairitylightactivation/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clairitylightactivation

Sharing some Light Activation Workshops experiences: 

“Can I just say this workshop was so amazing 🤩 ❤️🙏🏽 Claire is truly gifted. There is something very special about her presence. It was quite out there to what I’d be used to in my daily life which made it even better to step outside my comfort zone 💫 😍 I was surprised how quickly I actually got really into it. I floated out of the room 😂 “

“Wow , Claire beautifully held space and navigated me through this Light Activation workshop on Sunday 🔥 such an illuminating way to invigorate the soul and energise your spiritual being. Awakening comes with vulnerability. While we process within the shadows we rejoice and are reborn to have fun and become filled with joy through the energy of light.”

“Just want to say that I had an amazing experience at Claire’s light activation workshop.

Claire created and held such a beautiful and powerful space for all of us present. Its difficult to put into words, but I was completely blown away from the experience. Its incredible to see Claire work with the light codes and bring them to us, which also allowed us to channel as a collective. There was an intense healing and vibrant energy in the room and powerful messages were visualised and communicated 💛

I felt pure joy after the intuitive light dancing practice. Claire allowed us the space to express ourselves freely. A part of me felt absolutely nourished from this session and I am so grateful I got to experience this. So much grá for the work Claire does with the light and so grateful she’s bringing this light activation home to eire ❤️🍃🧚🏻‍♀️”