Laura Sexton

Laura Sexton – Holistic therapist
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Having dedicated many years to helping horses and their owners better understand each other through non traditional equine practices (Connected Horsemanship) I, then, had a traumatic accident that left me unable, physically, to continue teaching in this field.

The accident changed my whole life; my career was over, my mobility was severely compromised and my general health declined greatly.

After two unsuccessful years trying to heal using allopathic methods, I turned my attention to alternative medicine. I tried many holistic practices vis a vis, homeopathy, reflexology, acupucture, herbal medicine, shiatsu and nutrition

As my health improved my interest in holistic medicine grew and I joined the college of naturopathic medicine in 2016 to study naturopathy and acupuncture.

The demands I placed on myself compromised my already fragile health and I became sick yet again. It was during this period that I heard about craniosacral therapy and began having sessions.

Why craniosacral therapy?

Cranio helped me to understand and manage the state of my nervous system, not just in sessions but in between. Being able to down regulate my sympathetic nervous system allowed my body’s own natural healing capacity to kick in and my health gradually started to improve.

Over time trust developed between my therapist and myself and I was able to access and deal with traumatic events in my past that, unknown to me, had affected my general health, my wellbeing and my outlook on life.

In cranio sessions we become very still, we call this the “no-mind state”. This state allows the client to access their subconscious mind where their true feelings and desires reside. It is something that just happens without conscious effort. This “profound knowing” is the great gift that cranio offers us.

The therapy enabled me to make the paradigm shift in my thought process, from one of limitations to one of possibilities. I could focus on what was good about my life rather than on what was wrong.

In 2020 I began my cranio training aged 66. I graduated this year with the “Body Intelligence School” of Biodynamic craniosacral therapists.

Initially, I had not thought my horsemanship training was relevant to cranio but there are, in fact, many similarities.

In horsemanship most problems arise because the horse does not feel safe with the human; its nervous system is constantly on high alert, making it difficult for it to trust and be calm.

In horsemanship we have to first learn how to listen to the horse- what is he trying to tell us? what does he need from us to feel safe? As a horsemanship professional I used my intuition, my energy, my feel and my touch to create safety. So, too, it is with cranio in the human world, we listen, we intuit, we use our energy and our touch to create a safe envinromment that nurtures trust and is conducive to healing.

Safety is as crucial for humans as it is for horses.

I have just returned from Italy where I took part in post graduate studies with Etienne Peirsman who combines both Upledger and biodymamic principles in his work.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your healing journey through the dynamic modality that is cranio.

Laura Sexton holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is also a qualified fitness instructor.


phone: 086 823 9679

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