Laura Murphy

I’m Laura, I am a coach, yoga teacher, meditation student, wellness advocate and all round health explorer.  Through my 10 year expedition I have transformed my life beyond recognition whilst sending six of my seven chronic illness’ into remission.

I’m not going to lie, its been a bumpy road, there has been pain, frustration, tears, trips to India, but most importantly so many opportunities to learn and lots of loving supportive people along the way.

I have grown so much from my own personal journey and from all the qualifications I have gained along the way.  Throughout my own transformation I have had the honour of working with some amazing spiritual teachers, coaches and mentors who have helped me get my head, heart and health back on track.

As anyone with a chronic illness knows, there is no cure, but there is hope, as we take control of our life, through making empowered decisions about our health and how we want to live our life.  Ultimately when we start to make these decisions and changes we are lead down a path which can initially be dark and scary.  But this path is lit by the inner light of hope, courage and belief that refuses to be extinguished by the prognoses of a chronic illness.

Having initially become ill in 2005 it has taken me years to accept and eventually treasure my chronic conditions, finding gratitude for how my life has changed, evolved, and slowed down.

This healing journey for me does not have a destination, it is  instead the creation of a new life, maintaining daily practices, creating new habits, living a life that works for me, and treasuring the healthy life I am creating.

With my clients I use approaches and techniques which I have applied in transforming my own life and health conditions.  I don’t believe in a one size fits all, and I’ve 10 years of experience to prove it!!

So if your ready to explore how you can transform your head, heart & health to regain the quality of life you are aspiring to, get in touch to book a discovery call, and begin creating a life you love.

Contact Details: 0858225450