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Launch Party Blog

Launch Party Blog

Launch Party: River Holistic Centre Raheny


I was delighted to be invited along to the launch party of River Holistic Centre last Saturday – the newest holistic centre which has opened in Raheny, North Dublin.  As a lover of all things holistic I was excited to head down and try out some treatments, especially some I hadn’t tried before, and to see what the new centre was like.

I headed with in with two of my friends (and fellow massage students – now therapists!) to check it out.


When we arrived we were greeted by Claire Kenny, the owner and manager of River Holistic.  She kindly gave us a goody bag (filled with info on all her therapists & different treatments, some NYR Organics samples and a voucher for money off a treatment on our next visit) and showed us around her centre.


The centre itself is gorgeous.  The rooms are bright and spacious and there’s a lovely feeling of calm around the place even though it was bustling with excitement!  Claire filled us in on the buildings interesting history – it used to be a Guarda Station before being renovated (the toilets downstairs used to be the cells!!) before taking us through to the treatment rooms where we were able to sample some mini-treatments!

First up for myself was a Reiki treatment with the lovely Marie.  Reiki is an energy treatment which works on balancing the life force energy inside you.  Being a fan of Reiki already I was delighted to see I could try it out on the day.  Marie did a 15 minute session after which I felt really balanced and grounded.


Next up I visited Dee for some Reflexology.  Believe it or not I’ve never had Reflexology before as I hate people touching my feet!! I knew Dee from my time at Walmer (she is a therapist and tutor there) and she assured me I’d love it!  So up I hopped onto the bed for a bit of pampering.  It’s safe to say that my fear of people touching my feet has gone and I LOVED the Reflexology.  It’s such a relaxing treatment, I could have sat there for hours!!

Feeling very grounded and relaxed, I headed in for one of the many talks of the day by the resident experts.  I managed to catch the Nutrition talk by Nicole – River Holistic’s nutritionist & dietician.  Having recently had a consultation with a nutritionist myself, I was keen to see what advice Nicole would give to the group.  It was interesting to hear what her job involved and how she helps her clients.


After that I was persuaded (not that it took much!) in for an Indian Head Massage with the lovely Aoife.  She gave such a gorgeous head massage that I would have fallen asleep on the chair had I not been conscious of the other’s around me!


As a therapist it was great to chat to the other girls there and gave me some lovely ideas about where I want to take my own training and qualifications.  It was also fantastic to be able to support such a lovely new local business.

Before I left I took the time to have a good chat with Claire.  She was so busy throughout the day so I really appreciated the time she took in making sure she got to spend time with all her visitors.


Congratulations on the launch party, it seemed to be a great success!  What made you decide to open your own centre?
Thanks it was a brilliant success, I am so proud of all the therapists for all their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the day.  I always wanted to open a clinic It’s something I always dreamed of doing, but there was never the right property, or the right  time.  I stumbled upon 10 Main Street by accident.  I was taking a break from doing some work on the computer so i just decided to go onto to have a look at commercial properties in the area, and saw this space for rent.  I rang up on the off-chance to have look the next day, came along and from the second I walked through the door, I just knew this was the clinic and now was the time.  That was the second week in June, I was in the building by the second week in July and just went from there.
I have been a therapist since 2002 and self-employed since graduating.  It hasn’t always been easy, especially when you are out on your own and sometimes paying quite high rent with no extra support.  This is where the idea of River Holistic came from, I wanted to create a space for other self-employed therapists  where they can use as their own clinic with the added support of having other therapists there for advice, support, clinic support (website, reception, social media and advertising) and in-house referrals.  It can be a lonely world when you work for yourself so this way it gives the encouragement that some people need to stay in this business and build a busy practice.
You have diplomas in such a wide range of holistic therapies.  Do you have a particular favourite?
I love all my therapies, I think they choose me from time to time.  Some months I can be inundated with Fertility and Pregancy clients, and they are so dear to my heart, I really try to make these women feel as comfortable and safe as possible.  This is another reason for opening the clinic.  To assure that the space where my clients are coming feels safe and secure.  Following months I could have 8 clients a day for massage of some description.  So to answer your question; my favourite therapy is whatever suits my clients needs the most.  I make sure I only do what I would like to receive.
What is your vision for River Holistic Centre?
I would love to see River Holistic Centre celebrating its 20th year in business with the same clients that were there on the grand opening.  My vision is to create a completely integrated complementary and alternative health centre to cater for north Dublin and beyond, for every walk of life and every situation in life.  I feel we are almost getting there with 14 therapists offering such an extensive list of therapies, treatments and classes.
If you could choose anyone at all to give a holistic treatment to, who would you like to get your hands on?!
My Husband, Bless him!  He hasn’t had a massage off me in probably 10 years!  They say never bring your work home with you and unfortunately for him this is the case.
I know you’ve been really busy getting the centre opened while still keeping on your regular clients, how do you like to relax/spend your down time?
My down time is very precious to me, I love spending as much time as I can with my 2-year-old son Flynn and my husband Carl, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them, so be it grabbing an hour to go down to the park and splash in some puddles, or just getting home in time to put Flynn to bed then I’m happy.
What three words would you use to describe the River Holistic Centre?
Welcoming, safe, home.
To see the many treatments available at River Holistic Centre or to get in touch with Claire directly with any questions, click the tabs below:
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