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Lara Mc Murrough

Lara Mc Murrough

Lara initially discovered the benefits of Pilates as a client. On the advice of her G.P. she attended Pilates classes to strengthen a weak lower back, and was instantly hooked.

‘After my first class my whole body was shaking and I thought I’d need to be carried home! But I loved it and kept returning for more. After a few months of attending twice weekly my whole body felt different. I felt strong and agile, I just couldn’t believe the improvement’.

‘The more I learn about Pilates, the more I love. The technique seeps into every area of your life; from activating your core muscles and re-aligning your spine and posture, to being more in tune with how your body feels and moves. Pilates has vastly increased my awareness of my own body and I’d love to pass those benefits onto all my clients’.

Teaching a classic style of Pilates, Lara utilizes props to assist and challenge her clients and to ensure the routines are varied and interesting. Structuring her class routines to create a constant interplay between Pilates exercises designed to build stamina, sculpt, strengthen and tone and those designed to improve flexibility, she offers a whole body workout which is perfectly balanced. Lara teaches group matworkclasses and also works privately with clients on a one to one basis. Her classes are fun, friendly and challenging.


CYQ Pilates instructor.

Lara Mc Murrough

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