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An introduction to Bio Energy

Bio Energy at RIver Holistic Raheny

An introduction to Bio Energy

Workshop  –  An Introduction to Bio Energy 


Workshop                               Instructor          Date                      Time                

An Introduction to Bio Energy    Laureen Taylor    27st of February  10am – 1pm 

When: 27th of February 2021
Where: River Holistic Centre, Raheny
Cost: €60 (Deposit: €25, balance due on the day)

Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm

In this engaging, relaxed, interactive and fun workshop, we are presenting “An Introduction to Bio Energy”.

This workshop offers a safe and fun space in which to learn about Bio Energy with others doing likewise. It is a wonderful opportunity to take time out, to give you a day of learning about Bio Energy and experiencing it first-hand.  The workshop is also a stepping stone to understanding how Bio Energy can be incorporated into an existing practice or for use with clients, family and friends. For many it leads to undertaking the diploma training with our school. Others simply wish to peruse their personal development.

Suitable for:

All individuals who might like to experience a taster day of Bio Energy

Therapists, reflexologists, counsellors, health and social work professionals who wish to enhance their skills as they work with individuals and family

Anyone interested in a refresher day in Bio Energy

By the end of this workshop you will:

Leave with Bio Energy techniques to use as a standalone or incorporate them into an existing practice

Understand what Bio Energy is and how it is beneficial for all

Learn how emotions affect your energy system

Learn why hands and feet are important in energy work

Gain confidence to work with energy

Add the information covered to an existing toolkit

Receive hand-outs of all material covered


“Enjoyable workshop, great pace, good fun and wonderful learning. I would highly recommend their workshops.”   Orla, Dublin.

“Wonderful day, I felt so energised and grounded.”  (Bernie)

Your facilitator
Laureen Taylor qualified in 2011 with a Dip in Bio Energy and her personal experience of it propelled her in the setting up of the school. Laureen is an accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor with IACP, Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is based in Dublin and has been running a successful private practice for the past fifteen years.

To book your place contact Laureen Taylor on 086 1074774, email: info@betti.ie or visit www.betti.ie

Payment details

Cost €60 (Deposit: €25, balance due on the day)

Bank transfer:

Acc Name: Bio Energy Therapy Tr

IBAN: IE53 BOFI 9000 8411 7833 89



Water, coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided during our class. If you’d like anything additional, please plan ahead and bring what you require to enjoy the day. We will be breaking for lunch. You may bring your own lunch or go out on your own or with others from class. There are plenty of Shops/Restaurants nearby.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me Laureen Taylor at info@betti.ie or Mobile 0861074774

CPD Points 

Benefits of Bio Energy  

A Bio Energy session that can be effective when you feel stuck in life, feeling unwell or want a treatment for yourself.

Receiving a Bio Energy session is unique to each individual and involves minimal light touch on specific areas of your body. Bio Energy is about letting go of how it used to be. Energy is released, opening up possibilities for positive and creative change. The emphasis is on changing from within rather than seeking to impose a change from without.

Bio Energy is deeply relaxing and people are often drawn to it in times of difficulty. Career changes, Moving house, Divorce, Bereavement or Illness.

Bio Energy offers a unique approach to handling personal issues, be they physical, mental or emotional. These issues influence how we respond to every-day life. A Bio Energy session provides the environment within, where deeply rooted blockages can be loosened and released.  You let go of old ways of being and the way is clear for new growth and a more fulfilling life.

The gentle therapy conveys an attitude of detachment and under these conditions, the full life force of your energy is allowed to flow with complete freedom.

What happens?

In a Bio Energy session the client remains fully clothed with the exception of their shoes. The session is part standing and part sitting depending on the stage of the session and the techniques being carried out. Throughout the session, the client may feel some sensations of heat, cold, tingling and swaying. Some may feel more sensations than others.

In Bio Energy the therapist uses a series of hand movement to release the blocked energy. This improves impaired energy flow and clears any blockages from the system thus allowing the body to balance naturally.

Bio Energy views the human body as a naturally self-creating, self-correcting system when given the opportunity to do so.

Pregnant Women can receive sessions. Both mother and the unborn child benefit from the sense of well-being and peace that arises from this work.

Children love it too! Children love to have their session done for shorter periods of time. Many children really enjoy and benefit from receiving a session.

Bio Energy is very gentle and undemanding, offering a pleasant and deeply relaxing experience. A safe, very relaxing space is provided where you can “just be”.