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Individual Yoga Classes

Individual Yoga Classes

Individual yoga classes

Individual yoga classes are unique and completely tailored to your needs.  Your personal class will be based on postures, breathwork and relaxation chosen specifically for your needs.

People avail of individual yoga classes for various different reasons, ranging from physical conditions, stress reduction, fertility, pregnancy or simply because they feel self-conscious in a group setting.

Your unique class will be thought and adapted to your needs during a 60 minutes / 1 hour session.

You are encouraged to audio record this class on your phone or other audio device to enable you to practice at home, and fully benefit from this unique tailored class.

At the end of your session we will also put a plan in place exploring how best you can integrate the postures, breathwork and relaxation into your life.


What’s Included:

  •  A 15 minute pre-class call will be completed to discuss the information you have submitted on your booking form.  This ensures that I am clear on what your needs, expectations and desires are for your individualised class.
  •  A yoga class is then planned specifically for you.
  •  Your 60 minute one to one session of yoga, breathwork, deep relaxation and development of a plan to integrate your class into your life.
  • Permission to audio record your class.
  • A personal handout to help you integrate your practice at home.


Individual classes cost €75.