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If I just breathe workshop

If I just breathe workshop

If I Just Breathe

Do you want to become consciously aware of the transformational power of your breath? How it can support you in establishing more focus, energy and balance in your life?

The ancient yogi’s recognised the power of the breathe as a life force within. Learning these ancient and scientifically proven techniques can support you in living more fully, simply by making some simple changes to how you choose to breathe each day.

During this workshop you will learn pranayama (breath work) that will support you in:

– Calming anxiety & feelings of disconnect

– Bringing more harmony & balance into your life

– Creating clarity & focus

– Re-energising& boosting your energy

– Understanding the dynamics of breathing

– Relaxing the physical body

**Participants will also receive access to audio recordings (online) from during the session to support their home practice**

Places will be limited and must be pre-booked / pre-paid in advance.

When: Wednesday the 12th of February from 7.30 – 9pm

Where: River Holistic Centre, Raheny.

Cost: €30.

Bookings: https://www.loveyourlife.ie/if-i-just-breathe

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