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Hormones in Harmony

Hormones in Harmony

Saol Sona Nutrition and Yoga le Naoise introduce a Mother and Daughter collaboration to bring simple and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle steps into women’s lives promoting healthy balanced female hormones influencing overall health and vitality.

Eilis and Naoise aim to bring a social and engaging series of three two-hour workshops to choose from, depending on where you fall into the female cycle of life on Janurary 23rd 2022.

Eilis is a qualified Nutritional Therapist running a practice, Saol Sona Nutrition, where she is passionate about bringing simplicity into an over complicated world of nutrition.
Naoise is a yoga teacher with a first-class honour’s degree in Sports Science and yogi enthusiast which has helped her on her own journey with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

The trials and tribulations associated with the menstrual cycle are often viewed as an obstacle to overcome at any cost. In this workshop we will view it as a garden to be tended, cared for and nurtured. Our aim is to break down and explain some of the root causes to hormonal imbalances and provide useful information on nutrition essential for healthy hormones.

Each workshop will be run as a presentation on nutrition followed by a yoga flow sequence bringing balance to the nervous system and harmony to hormones!

Choice of Workshops

‘The Maiden’

‘The Maiden’

Embracing the menstrual cycle and how we can nurture the regulating hormones to support their balance and maybe counteract some of the challenges it brings. Knowledge around nutrition now can help nurture a healthy cycle for years to come. (From menarche to early twenties)
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon.


‘The Mother

‘The Mother’

Appreciating women during this stage in life tend to put themselves last in terms of self-care, we can look at simple nutritional and lifestyle factors which will help even the busiest bees. Healthy hormonal balance now can promote a healthy perimenopause.

Time: 12.30 to 2.30 pm. https://bookinghawk.com/event/yogalenaoise/412/hormones-in-harmony-the-mother-

‘The Matriarch’

‘The Matriarch’

Honoring this time by looking at nutritional and lifestyle tools to support a gentle ease through a challenging stage. In menopause one in four women will not suffer any symptoms, one in four women will suffer terribly and two out of every four women will have moderate and varying symptoms. Acknowledging we are all unique and knowing where to go for individual needs and support is key at this stage.

Time: 3.30pm to 5.30 pm.


Cost: €35 per two-hour workshop including yoga flow sequence.

About Naoise:

I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Allianz International and have an honours degree in Sports Science and Health from DCU. My background in exercise physiology gives me a deeper understanding of human anatomy and movement and I am passionate about sharing the physically healing benefits of yoga.
As a young woman who has struggled with the symptoms of PCOS since my teenage years, I understand the anxiety and frustration girls with hormonal imbalances can experience. In my final year thesis, I studied the impact the
different phases of the menstrual cycle have on exercise performance. This enhanced my understanding of the female hormones and the intrinsic relationship between our hormones, exercise capacity, mood and motivation.
This brings me to the benefits of yoga and its potential to heal and help women experiencing hormonal imbalance and is an area I feel very strongly about as yoga has helped me immensely on my personal journey.

Date: 23rd of January 2022

Times: 10am to 12pm 12.30pm to 2.30pm 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Cost: €35 per workshop Booking links above

You can book onto one, two or all workshops.

For Further information email Eilis on saolsonanutrition@gmail.com https://www.saolsona.com/workshops