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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

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 Holistic nutrition is based on the belief that each person should be viewed as a whole when addressing health issues. All aspects of a person’s life, including food and lifestyle choices, level and origins of stress, and health history, are considered to gain a clear picture of where any imbalances may originate so that optimal healing and wellness can be achieved.

Many of us have become so busy in our lives that basic nourishment has taken a back seat and instead, we rely on fast food and prepared/readymade foods to keep us going. We expect dinner to be ready in 5 minutes or we don’t bother cooking at all. With so much refined food and sugar in our diets, it’s no wonder we lack energy, feel sick all the time, have dull skin and experience a whole host of digestive problems.

Holistic nutrition offers a comprehensive approach to diet and lifestyle that can result in a real difference and often substantial improvement in the quality of your life. By introducing a diet rich in whole, live, minimally processed and nutrient dense foods, that are fresh, tasty and full of goodness the body has an opportunity to heal itself and reclaim balance.

Studies have shown that by making the proper food choices people can prevent many health problems that can include heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

As a holistic nutritionist I am not a medical doctor but a complimentary therapist. In looking at the symptoms you are experiencing currently, I can work with you to suggest dietary and lifestyle changes that may help to (re)balance your body and mind and hence contribute to improved overall health and wellness.

I can also work with you to achieve your weight loss goals and offer a range of programmes to help you achieve this in a caring and nurturing environment which will support your personal journey.

Together we will work on taking the small steps that will ultimately help you to reach your overall goal. Along with specific nutritional recommendations, I may also suggest lifestyle changes such as implementing a regular exercise program or exploring relaxation techniques.