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Holistic Life Coaching with Laura

Holistic Life Coaching with Laura


I am passionate about transformation and wellbeing.  15 years ago I began to developed several chronic illnesses which stopped me in my tracks but also led me on a fascinating journey.  During that 15 year expedition I have transformed my life beyond recognition whilst sending several of my chronic illnesses into remission.

I take a holistic approach to coaching, recognising that the thoughts, emotions, energy and physical body are interconnected. I am now committed to helping others to create lasting, sustainable change whilst transform their dreams into reality.

Having spent the last 15 years regaining my own health, I slowly became aware that all layers of my being played a role in my chronic illnesses- my physical body, my thoughts, my emotions and my energy. 

It was only when I began to address my healing in a holistic way that my awareness deepened and I began to see that patterns which were contributing to my dis-eases.  Working on releasing these blocks has freed me from the constriction of illness and enabled me to transform my life.

Having seen the healing power of the tools I used in my own journey I decided to complete several professional qualifications to give me the tools to support others in transforming their own lives.  I hold qualifications in Life, Nutrition & Health Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Sound Healing and EFT (tapping).

So, if you’re ready to explore how you can transform your head, heart and health to regain the quality of life you aspire to, then contact me.

Holistic Coaching Program

If you are ready to transform your dreams into your reality, to dissolve the blocks that are keeping you stuck whilst getting your head, heart and health back on track then Laura offers 2 options.

  • Option 1 1 x 75 minute Clarity Session. Investment: €90.
  • Option 2 1 x 75 minute Clarity Session followed by 3 monthly sessions (75 minutes each).

Total investment is €380 (payment plan option- deposit of €140, plus three monthly payments of €80).

  • Option 3 1 x 75 minute Clarity Session followed by 5 monthly sessions (75 minutes each).

Total investment is €490 (payment plan option- deposit of €140, plus five monthly payments of €70).  


I see clients in River Holistic Raheny, Dublin and throughout the world via Zoom & Skype.

What People Are Saying:

“I attended Laura’s Holistic Life coaching session at a time in my life where I was so overwhelmed from healing work and completely burnt out. 

I couldn’t think straight and I was giving so much to people and I was completely an empty cup!!

Laura after one session completely helped me to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together. She gave me such clarity in my path and my purpose. She helped me work through boundaries, Self Love, nutrition and so so so much more!

She is amazing! I would highly recommend!

If your looking for a HOLISTIC approach to coaching – Laura is the one!”

-Sarah Richardson

In life coaching with Laura I feel like I am carrying a lighter load. I am tackling issues with a lot more clarity and feel more confident that I will achieve my goals.I am no longer afraid to make lists and timetables as I now see that not getting everything done on the list / timetable is not a sign of failure but a work in progress. Thank you so much Laura, keep doing what you are doing.

  • Nichola

Booking Your Appointment.

Contact Laura on 085 8225450, by email on laura@loveyourlife.ie or via her website https://www.loveyourlife.ie/holistic-coaching  to arrange a free introductory call.  This call is available for anyone wishing to explore booking a coaching package (option 2 or option 3).  It is an opportunity for you to meet me, and me to meet you, for you to ask any questions you may have about the suitability of the sessions for you, and for me to explain more about my style of coaching and approaches which I use with my clients.  These calls usually last 15 – 30 minutes.