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Holistic Life Balance Coaching

Holistic Life Balance Coaching

Holistic Life Balance Coaching

I am an advocate for empowerment, growth & overall wellbeing. Over 8 years ago I trained as a psychotherapist the same weekend I began my training my father died suddenly…. and so this began the start of my own journey of healing and personal growth, one which took many twists & turns.
Along the way I learned to love myself and to accept all of me not just the good bits!! In my work I take a holistic & intuitive approach with each of my clients. I take into account their mind, body, spirit & soul and that each person is unique with their own set of skills and inner wisdom to know what is right for them, sometimes they just need some help & support to connect to their inner wisdom.
Over the years I have tried many holistic therapies along my own journey and for me energy healing & talk therapy have had a profound impact on my life, these allowed me to let go of what is no longer needed or serves me well. Coaching really helped me bring focus to what was important in
my life and showing me where I was to where I wanted to be linking to this my ongoing spiritual journey and connection allowing me to live a more balanced life.
I work in an integrative way bringing my background in psychotherapy, my deep spiritual connection, self-compassion and openness. I offer lots of different techniques in coaching depending on what the client’s needs are such as self-care packages, meditation, visualizations, and breath
work, motivation & support, organisation skills and most importantly listening to what the client needs.
Life balance coaching is useful for many aspects of life such as career, family, financial, personal growth, physical health and many more.
Some of the benefits are;

Gaining clarity about what you truly want

Figure out where you are now and where you want to be

Learning tools to help you reach your goals

Overcoming fears & limited self-beliefs

Motivation & support to keep you focused & inspired

What’s the difference between Psychotherapy & Coaching?
Coaching focuses on setting & achieving personal goals whereas psychotherapy focuses on emotional & mental healing.

1 to 1 Holistic Life Balance coaching €110 for 90 mins

follow up 50 min sessions €70

Once off self- care life balance coaching €110 90 mins

Once off Stress buster life balance coaching €110 90 mins

Once off Stressed Mama life balance coaching €110 90 mins

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