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Holistic Coaching and Healing

Holistic Coaching and Healing

Holistic Coaching & Healing

I help you become the best and truest version of yourself.  I help you to let go of the pain and struggle that you’ve been carrying.  I help you to feel and release emotions that are stuck and causing dis-ease in your life, manifesting as anxiety, stress, doubt, fear, or even physical issues in the body.  I help you to find more self-love and acceptance so you can forgive and let go of anything no longer serving you, and find more joy, love, abundance, and Wellbeing.

These sessions are created to look holistically at the body, mind and soul.  To look at the role of mind/body connection, emotions, and energy in addition to just mindset.When we address the body as a whole, we can reconnect to our true selves, and release anything that is no longer serving us, or standing in our way.  We all carry so much pain and stress, and often think that we need to struggle in order to grow.  I help you release fear, create space, and get to the real cause of any pain so that you can create and anchor in a new truth, and embody the version of yourself who is already living this new truth.

Depending on the need of each person, in addition to coaching, the sessions may include energy work, breathwork, visualisation, meditation, and/or intuitive healing.

Holistic Healing Sessions:

Option 1: 1h 11 min session – €111

Option 2: 3 X sessions – €300

Option 3: 5 X sessions – €444

Option 4: Weekly sessions with access to me in between sessions – €555/month

Your Therapist: Vicky Lincoln

Website: vickylincolncoaching.com