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Healing Touch Psychology Masterclasses

Healing Touch Psychology Masterclasses

Nurturing & Integrating Energy Therapy

2 * Professional 1 day masterclasses

for complementary and alternative therapists

 Day 1: Birth & Development Trauma


Day 2:Hara Alignment & Expansion

Dublin & Ballinasloe, Ireland

4-5th River Holistic or 11-12 May Ballinasloe 2019

Healing Touch offers:

✓ Strong commitment to personal growth and knowledge of holistic health & energetic principles. ✓ Healing Touch Buddy training.

✓ Healing Touch Therapist diploma for professionals.

✓ Enhances skills and knowledge through Healing Touch Psychology Masterclasses.

✓ Healing Touch Practitioner: in-depth solid core curriculum of 5 weekend class modules from beginner to advanced healer including Evolution of the Healer, Holistic and Energetic Foundations, Evidence Based and Best Practice modules.


Healing Touch Psychology ….

  • Uses gentle, heart-centered intention and touch to invite Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual wholeness.
  • Invites the person’s natural ability to rebalance, grow and develop through the subtle energy system.

This Masterclass is for you if you are:

✓ Complementary health care professional, such as registered nurses.

✓ Holistic body-oriented therapists.

✓ Healers with a professional practice.

✓ Reiki masters or equivalent.

✓ Students who have completed Module 3 of Healing Touch.

About these Masterclasses:

When we experience a small or larger shock at any given moment, the subtle energy body blocks in our belly & hara might be out of line.

Day One:

Birth & Development trauma: At the start of our soul’s journey into this lifetime, the cellular consciousness can hold any unpleasant experiences. Energetic blocks can affect our lifeforce and peristaltic movement. Based on Body Psychology and the Biodynamic energy system, we learn to understand and invite the natural flow on a deep cellular level, by gentle touch and pure intention.

Day Two

Hara Alignment & Expansion: “The haric level is one quantum leap deeper into our nature and one dimension deeper than the aura. The haric level is the foundation upon which the aura rests and a center of power within the lower belly.” from Barbara Brennan, Light Emerging During these two masterclasses you will learn how to assess, cleanse, re-connect, support and invite & deepen relaxation on cellular level and invite the hara alignment to hold.


We will experience & learn:

  • Energetic theory of different kinds of trauma and the energetic effect on our (subtle) body.
  • Practice cellular body awareness, jellyfish exercise and hara alignment meditation, with core star expansion.
  • Full healing sequences, including chelation of the first layers of the subtle energy field, magnetic induction, healing of the outer layers.
  • Techniques: Jellyfish, Calming Palming, Bowl of Love, Chelation, Etheric Template Clearing and Hara Alignment Repair, Magnetic Induction.
  • Further development of Higher Sense Perception (HSP) and intuition.

Course objectives:

The purpose is to enable the advanced learner to increase their knowledge base, skills and healing vibration with additional techniques, inviting the development of healer within.

Comments from students about these masterclasses:

✓ “I experienced a significant. Life changing shift after this class, thank you!!”

✓ “I have used these techniques with great success, the clients hold balance and continue to hold.”

✓ My autistic granddaughter spoke her first words after I used these techniques to repair her HARA”.

Practical information:

After completion you will receive a Healing Touch Certificate of Attendance of 7 contact hours (7 CE’s)

Schedule: start 10 a.m.– 6 p.m. (1-hour lunch break)

Dates/ venues: May 4 & 5 : River Holistic Centre, Raheny Dublin 5 ,

May 11 & 12 : Ballinasloe

Cost: 1 Day: €175    2 Days: €330.  Deposit of €100 to secure your space.

Coordinator/Booking information: Mary O’Connor, RN, HTP-A M: + 353 86 822 1373 E: mary@energyworks.ie

 Instructor: Wietzke van Oene, CHTP/I, Biodynamic Psychotherapist Introduced to Healing Touch International while she lived in New Zealand, Wietzke integrated energy concepts in addition to her established bodyoriented psychology practice in a Complementary Health Care Center. She has 35 years of experience and loves to share her wisdom for the greater good. She teaches Bio-Release, Healing Touch classes 1-4 and Masterclasses in Europe.

Healing Touch Netherlands a nonprofit educational membership organization, established in 1996.