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Have A Herbal Detox this Spring

How to start your holistic practice ~ Part 1

https://youtu.be/hWA9SZsPy_M Want to know your first step on how to start your holistic practice or even how to return to the holistic world? 👉Hi everyone. As promised here is tip number 1 on how to start or return to your holistic practice. Set realistic

How River Holistic came to be..

Okay, to start, what is River Holistic and how did it come to be? https://youtu.be/PmqwWnATRG0 River Holistic happened by almost accident. I was renting a space by myself not too far from where River is now, and I needed a new space because the place I was working

1st Full Moon of 2023

It’s best to use this lunation as a chance to let go. Have yourself a good cry and give yourself the chance to heal. Moving forward and cutting ties is always hard, but sometimes it must be done — especially when we are dealing with self-preservation. Now that the ne

We are hiring

*********POSITION FILLED********* Front Desk Staff River Holistic is a very busy Holistic Centre based in Raheny, offering a vast array of Alternative and Complementary health therapies and multiple weekly classes in yoga, pilates, meditation and Mindfulness to name a

The Hunters Full Moon

This Hunters Moon will be shining bright on the 20th of October reflecting the rhythms of life enduring an endless process of death and rebirth with its 28-day cycle. It symbolises imagination, intuition, dreaming, self love and represents transition and renewal.It is a

Are you looking for a New Holistic Home to work from?

Room rental Are you looking for a new Holistic Home to build your business.I have availability in my beautiful treatment rooms for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Morning slots from 9.30am to 2pm each day. This is the perfect time to join our team.🌟If y

Harvest Full Moon ~ September 20th

Other than the fact that full moons are mesmerizing and beautiful, they can also bring so much change into being. This is when the sun — ruler of your external self — forms an opposition with the moon — ruler of your internal self — causing your subconscious thought

A step back in time

This was an interview from the grand opening of the centre in September 16th 2013. Looking how far the centre has grown and to be honest how much I have grown as a person and a business owner still amazes me. From a simple dream to what is now a thriving hub of wellness.

August Full Moon

Sturgeon Full Moon on the 22nd of August. Another full moon in Aquarius! The July full moon is also in Aquarius, so this is the second in a row. That usually means the two Moons are linked, and what was focused on around the first one in July is again focused on with thi

Chakra cleansing with crystals

Before you begin to balance, rinse your crystals under cold running water. This removes any contaminants. You can also take notes and write down how you are feeling prior to the balancing process. Using your sage to clear your crystals releasing any negative energy and also