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Guided Meditation Classes

Guided Meditation Classes

Guided Meditation Classes


Meditation is a wonderful metaphysical practice that fosters a blissful state of being, heals and relaxes, provides mental clarity and helps you to tap into your true nature.
Incorporating a regular meditation practice into your life in some way will help you connect to the power of the Divine that resides within. It will bring you into alignment with your soul self which will serve you in the most astounding ways!

Our meditation sittings will vary in nature in line with the days energy. They will be guided, passive, seated (with alternative options of chair or lying positions for those who may need) meditations, with periods of silence to facilitate the channeling for Healing.

These meditation classes are running in 4 week blocks bookable through here €55.

Drop In will be available space permitting €15. Drop me a private message through this page or an email if you are interest in drop space. info@risespiritsoul.com

Namaste, Ashling

Call us on 018310888 to book your mat space
or visit https://www.risespiritsoul.com/Book-Here.php