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Guided Healing Meditation

Guided Healing Meditation

Take time out for you and relax through guided meditation in a healing space. Allow yourself some peace, think calmly and release the negative through the practice of meditation. Each session we embrace gentle breathing to ground you, guided visualization to heal you; igniting the divine within and finishing with an aura cleanse to restore you.

I work with the Celtic wheel of the year and incorporate the energies from special dates throughout the year into each meditation session. The Celtic wheel of the year is a calendar that focuses on the cyclical changes of seasons our Celtic ancestors lived by. The turning of the wheel symbolises the continuing birth, death and rebirth of nature.

 The wheel of the year has four main dates which include Samhain on 31st October, Imbolc on 1st February, Bealtaine on 1st May and Lughnasadh on 1st August and four solstices/equinoxes in between. The eight dates represent an individual’s awareness on what they have gained and lost in the turn of the year.

This ideation works especially well during a meditation session as we are honouring and healing ourselves with nature in letting go.

Meditation has many benefits to it and those who practice it generally live a peaceful, more successful and happier life. Benefits include;

  • Reduced anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Increase in self esteem, motivation and creativity.
  • Increases self control and an open mind.
  • Increases spirituality.

Join me on selected dates for a relaxing 1hour 30minutes just for you.

Leighis Nádúrtha.

Cost: €18 per person

To book your place, please contact:

Fiona Sweeney

Phone: 0872357622 or River holistic reception 01 8310888

Email: sweeney.fee@gmail.com

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