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Group Sound Healing

Group Sound Healing

Group Sound Healing

Come along and allow yourself to be bathed in the sacred sound vibrations which will enable you to move into a deeply meditative state through which your body can effortlessly repair and restore itself.

Lying on a yoga mat snuggled in your blanket you will be bathed in the relaxing healing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes and the moon gong. This session will use the instruments both on and off the body to support you through this sound journey, before allowing a deep state of stillness to set in.

As each instrument is played both on and off the body the sound is absorbed inwards, working on the chakras, enabling the body, mind and spirit to move back into a deeper state of balance, and who doesn’t want more balance?? Through use of these sounds we begin to shed the dense heavier energy of daily life, thus rising our vibrational energy, allowing us to effortlessly attract higher frequency people and experiences into our lives.

Places for these group sound healing sessions will be limited to 7 people and require pre-booking / pre-payment. Further details and bookings can be completed here: https: https://www.loveyourlife.ie/group-sound-healing

Please note this workshop is NOT suitable for people with a pacemaker, inflammation, advanced stages of cancer, cancer tumours, metal implants, having had surgery within 3 months and in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Cost: €30 per Group Sound Healing.

Please email Laura@loveyourlife.ie or call River Holistic on 01 8310888 to book your place.