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Geneviève Lynam

Geneviève Lynam

Geneviève Lynam teaches Kundalini Yoga in Dublin. Her journey to becoming a Kundalini teacher, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, began when her first experience with Kundalini Yoga shifted her entire life for the better.

After finishing school, Geneviève attended university in Dublin, pursuing a degree in Culinary Entrepreneurship. Although yoga had been a part of her life since the young age of eight, social pressure motivated her choice to begin a professional career in the corporate sector. Like so many young people today, Geneviève experienced anxiety, and in her search for a solution, she came across Kundalini Yoga.

Witnessing the profound effects of this ancient practice, she decided to dedicate her time and energy to learning more about Kundalini. Geneviève travelled to California and enrolled in Kundalini teacher training at RAMA Institute of Applied Yogic Science in Venice. During her time there, she trained with some of the best teachers in the industry, including Guru Jagat and Gurujas. Prior to the completion of the course, Geneviève also travelled to Majorca where she attended a yoga immersion programme and Iceland where she completed a White Tantric Yoga Course.

Now, Geneviève uses the tools she acquired during her training to help others transition through the ups and downs of life. Kundalini is a practice for all, and Genevieve is excited to share its powerful teachings with you and support you in being more of your authentic self.

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