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Fertility Reflexology Course

Fertility Reflexology Course


Fertility Reflexology Course

This comprehensive 2 day workshop will give you the grounding and confidence to work with more fertility clients, expand your knowledge and give you fertility specific Reflexology techniques to use for those with unexplained fertility and those who are going through Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Clomid or FET.
Who is it for?
Qualified Reflexologist’s with at least 6 months experience post qualification looking to expand their knowledge and client list in the fascinating and much in demand field of fertility. A certificate of attendance will be given so you can claim CPD points with any relevant associations.

Aims: The Learner will be able to support the fertility client with Reflexology, particularly those with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and those who are going through Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Clomid or FET. The learner will have a greater understanding of the causes of infertility.
How infertility affects emotionally and physically the client and her partner.
The treatment options available for the diagnosis of infertility for both the male and female.
Discuss how Reflexology can help the client.
Demonstrate the use of practical Reflexology techniques on the client. Consider how we can support our client by introducing our array of tools.
Recognize and signpost the client for additional support.
During Day 1

There will be discussion of the reproductive systems of both male and female including conditions which can affect the normal functioning of either including medical tests and investigations involved in the diagnosis of fertility.

Definition of fertility and its application to the male and female.

Female cycle and methods used to plot and identify ovulation.

Treatment options available both allopathic and complementary.

Importance of diet, nutrition and Supplementation for conception.
Include the client with PCOS or Endometriosis how do we support them

Day 2 

Concentrates on learning about the client having Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Clomid or FET.
There is discussion around the explanation of the various Fertility Treatment
Procedures as mentioned above including the diagnostic tests involved.
Discuss the procedures available including those additional to the ART process and what they achieve for the couples.
Exploration of the Treatment Plan and what this entails as the client is induced into a menopausal state, stimulated to ovulation, prepared for egg retrieval, and then fertilisation, egg transfer and the two week wait….
What information do we need to know as part of our Consultation History for this client – learn the relevance and importance of specific data recording?
Examine the Emotional and Hormonal effects this process has on the female and the couple.

Practical work: Students will be given the opportunity to master techniques specifically for use with fertility clients as well as reflexology techniques adapted for use in this field.

There are specific techniques used for unexplained as well as specific moves for the ART client which relate totalling to where they are in the Treatment Cycle.

All of this information is mapped in the manual for you to follow and consequently master.

Assess the client using chakras, identifying areas of imbalance and using this knowledge to apply to your reflexology techniques.

Reflexology and its Role with ART:

Ask how we as Reflexologists can understand and support the client at this time.
Using a comprehensive manual confidently learn techniques, assessments, by reading descriptors or images to support the reproductive tract whilst the client is going through the various stages of the Treatment Plan.
Understand and be able to translate the specific time span of the treatment into reflexology techniques.
Understand and offer support or signposting when the process fails, what causes failure? Look at how the Reflexologist can support the client during this time.
What can we as Reflexologists do to raise the profile of effective support for this client?
What is the purpose of research for Reflexology and this client?
Discover any new and current approaches to ART as we go through the day.

Case Studies:
Case studies are an optional part of this course. However, some insurance companies now specify that you need a case study element to say you are trained or experienced in a specific area.

A certificate will then be issued to acknowledge that you have attained the standard to be recognised as a Fertility Reflexologist through an approved CHTA & FHT course.

To achieve the qualification ‘Fertility Reflexologist’: attendance of the two day course as well as submission of case studies 3 x 3 treatments and a written assignment between 1500 and 2500 words is to be completed within one year of attendance the course.

Once the qualification is attained the Reflexologist will be registered as a practitioner on the website www.dorothykellyacademyofreflexology.com

Once registered on the website you will remain until you request to be removed.

A Statement of Attendance will be issued for attendance of the course which can be used for CPD. This does not constitute a practitioner certificate which will be provided on completion of course requirements as above.

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Costing:   £275 (please note fee is in sterling as deposits and payment go through Dorothy directly)