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Feng Shui Basics

Feng Shui Basics

Creating Clarity with FENG SHUI WORKSHOP

“We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us”
Winston Churchill.

Taking a closer look at the effects of Feng Shui and colour on our wellbeing.
Feng Shui looks at the energetic connection between the homes we occupy and the energy of every area of our lives.
We are in constant conversation with the spaces that we occupy, the aspect, quality of light, furniture layout and decoration is constantly interacting with our energy field –for better or worse!

In this workshop we will cover:

In this one day practical workshop you will learn:-
▪ How each area of your home is resonating with a particular area of your life
▪ How clutter can create stagnation in the energy of your home and consequently your life.
▪ Your home is a mirror, reflecting back to you whatever is going on in your life. For example,
if you live surrounded by physical clutter, you will feel a stagnation in one or more area of
your life.
▪ Feng shui provides a system to create harmony and balance in all areas of your home which will reflect back into all areas of your life.
▪ There are many “schools” or approaches to this wonderful subject, in this workshop we will guide you to choosing which approach works best for you.
▪ Mirror the natural dynamic balance of energy found in nature into our homes and our lives
▪ Dynamic balance involves an ebb and flow to each area of our lives, we will look at ways to align your energy with that of your home.
▪ Our connection to our homes is vital in order to feel protected and supported in life, feng shui provides a system to deepen that connection. Giving added meaning to the furnishings, colours and ornamentation we surround ourselves with.
▪ Colour and the creative connection to manifesting the life you want with feng shui. The energy of each colour of the spectrum, discussing how it affects us on every level physically, emotionally and energetically
▪ Feng shui involves creating a balance in the flow of energy to and through your space so that it will support your sense of well-being rather than become a source of stress.

With balance comes the opportunity for improvement of your health, wealth and relationships.
Having originally worked in alternative health therapies and beauty therapy for many years, Edel became more and more fascinated by the effects of our environment on health and wellbeing. In the 1990’s Edel studied Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of Design and Feng Shui at the Feng Shui Network International in London. In the course of the past 20 years, Edel has delved deeply into the world of colour and its impact on our sense of wellbeing.

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