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Facial Reflexology with Catherine Clooney (FRCC)™

Facial Reflexology with Catherine Clooney (FRCC)™

Would you like to offer your existing and new clients an additional treatment that can support them with their health issues? And brighten and freshen how they look?

You can help them to look fresher and brighter, by reflecting on the outside how they are feeling on the inside. By working over the face with varied facial maps you will be helping your client to achieve homeostasis, you will be supporting them with their health & wellbeing journey. By working the face you are encouraging blood supply to the muscles and also encouraging lymph drainage, giving a fresher, brighter look to the complexion.

How wonderful is that added benefit?

This is a comprehensive training. You will receive 100 CPD points from the NRRI for each module, which is 400 for the full course, more if you add the optional Gua Sha Workshop. We will work with facial maps to learn a method of Facial Reflexology, Facial Reflexology Clooney Concept, that will cover many aspects of wellbeing. We will look at how face reading can aid our initial consultation and following treatments. We will cover the work in four modules, Modules 1, & 3 over a long weekend-Sat, Sun & Mon.

For those who would like to take there practice to the next level, Advanced Module 4, ties all the modules together. There will be the opportunity to do that and also add a TCM Facial Gua Sha workshop. By teaching you acupressure points for certain issues, you will be able to give your clients homework in the form of a face grid with their individual acupressure points. If they have an issue they are serious about resolving, then the face grid with points gives them the opportunity to take control of their wellbeing.

That is powerful.

Layering skills and confidence, with this new East meets West Concept. You will receive individual attention during the course. There will be sequence practice, training aids and videos to help you. You will be supported at every step of your training.

Max 12 students. Training from the heart ❤️

The course

Max student numbers are 12 for this course. You can do Modules 1, 2 & 3 to be able to offer your clients a wonderful treatment. However, if you want to take your practice  to the next level you can add Advanced Module 4. There is also an opportunity of an optional TCM Facial Gua Sha workshop.
Max 12 students. Training from the heart ❤️

  • Module 1
  • Why Facial Reflexology? The benefits of this amazing treatment.
  • The concept of East meets West, using acupressure points and reflexology zones
  • Reading and searching the face for imbalances
  • Walking the vertical and horizontal grids.
  • Contraindication
  • The structure of the face and skull
  • The structure of the skin
  • The Central Nervous System
  • Two maps for the vertical and horizontal facial zones

Module 2

  • Revision of Module 1
  • Check for understanding and skill in the sequence
  • We we will fine tune any areas of concern
  • Two more maps. One for searching for organs and systems out of balance and the treatment map/
  • Walking the maps that reflects the organs and systems of the body.
  • Incorporating the work from Module 1 with Module 2 to build a comprehensive treatment
  • Training from the ❤️

Module 3

  • A quick revision of Modules 1 & 2
  • Another two maps today, the skeletal map and closing sequence.
  • Case studies.

You will need to choose two people and give them four treatments each. Ideally not family members, as you know them too well! You will do case studies after Modules 1, 2 & 3 so that you have the opportunity to practice before offering the treatment to your clients. This really does build your confidence in offering a new treatments and gives you the opportunity to practice using using your hands in a different way.

Module 4

This module ties 1, 2 & 3 together, combining into a fully comprehensive  treatment. We will work on acupressure points to add another dimension to our treatment. Helping to support our clients in their wellness journey.

It will usually be 4-6 weeks after 1, 2 & 3, so that you have had time to practice and perfect your treatment so far. You will have the support of training aids and  the opportunity to have more support if you choose.

Here are a few words from Maureen who was on the course earlier in the year. Thank you Maureen. xx

“I have just completed this course and it is absolutely fabulous. It really is east meeting west and the techniques are beautiful. The focus is on the health benefits of the treatment so it truly is reflexology on the face. My clients are absolutely loving it and delighted with the results. Catherine’s signature is “training from the heart” and it certainly is, she puts her heart and soul into her training. The numbers are small so Catherine can ensure that each reflexologist masters the techniques, correct level of pressure, and in short you know exactly what you are doing when you leave. The post course support is outstanding. This is my third facial reflexology course and I cannot recommend this highly enough. I am so proud and delighted to be one of the first reflexologists in the world to do this training. Catherine Clooney from my heart to yours thank you and congratulations on being this month’s recipient. The integrity and love you bring to your work is inspiring. You absolutely deserve this and more”. 💖💖

Catherine xx

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