Yoga Movement and Relaxation Workshop

Yoga Movement and Relaxation Workshop

Release Tension Relieve Pain – Neck, Shoulders and Back

What if you could move through your day pain- free, stress-free, and feeling your best to face
your daily challenges?
You can feel your best and work optimally as you avoid daily stressors by having more awareness of your body and mind.

Do you: 

☑️ work non-stop with no break?
☑️ have no awareness of your posture or position?
☑️ have hip stiffness, tension in your shoulders and lower back pain?

Developing a yoga practice where you stretch and strengthen your back helps you to work more comfortably and smile more through your day.
You want to focus on your work or enjoying your leisure activities, not moan about body stiffness and back pain, right? Well let’s do something
about it!

This yoga, movement and relaxation workshop has been designed to release tension and to strengthen your back to help prevent future injury. You will also increase awareness of your posture. A small, simple technique which can lead to profound change. And learn somatic movements that can be sprinkled through your day to release tension in your back.

Somatic Movement 

Somatics is a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles. It is an incredibly subtle but effective way of working with the body.

Hatha Yoga Flows 

Move your body slowly and deliberately into different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time focusing on relaxation and mindfulness.

Deep Relaxation can: 

● Lower blood pressure.
● Reduce activity of stress hormones.
● Increase blood flow to major muscles.
● Reduce muscle tension and chronic pain.


Class Trainer

Clair Devine


I’m Clair and like you I’ve experienced tight hips, back pain, discomfort and stiffness for years. My doctor, physiotherapist and chiropractor all recommend yoga and relaxation.
After completing my yoga training in India I have continued learning through back pain courses and workshops.
Over the last 8 years of teaching yoga and through my personal practice, I’ve developed a nurturing and observant style of yoga.
My style of classes are simple, straightforward and easy to follow. The aim of the classes is to promote mindfulness, connect with your breath and to release tension in order to go about your day with a smile.

Take control of your health today!

Workshop Dates

August 19th

10:00am – 12:00pm