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Pilates with Lara

What is Pilates? ……Such a simple question and yet so difficult for us to answer, because Pilates is so many great health and fitness benefits all rolled into one.

To answer it, I’m going to steal the words of one of my favourite Pilates Master teachers, Alycea Ungaro.

She recently replied that Pilates is ‘Your total health insurance policy’ and this is why:

It is our Cardio workout – we work up a sweat. That is important because Heart Disease is a real concern.
It is our Strength training – we work until our muscles shake and tremor. That is important because we lose a little muscle mass every year, as we age.
It is our Flexibility training – many exercises are a perfect balance, being half strength, half stretch. That is important because mobility is an indicator of how long we live.
It is our coordination training, our balance training and our postural training.
It is our mental workout – because the intense concentration that is required to execute a proper workout, leaves you free of any stress.
Pilates does it all !

Lara holds classes on Tuesday’s at 11.30am and (Booking Required) Lara: 0877466086

  • It’s a great way to cross train and prevent injury
  • Suitable for more intermediate to advanced levels
  • It can help relieve tension in your shoulders, back and legs
  • It boosts your body’s natural ability to burn fat
  • It promotes mindfulness and body awareness
  • Technically, all you need is a mat

Class Trainer

Lara Mc Murrough

I initially qualified as a Pilates Matwork teacher with Dublin company Bodyfirm, then went on to further my knowledge with the internationally recognized Advanced Teacher Training programme, The Pilates Centre, Boulder, Colorado.
I have over ten years Pilates teaching experience. Teaching group classes, corporate and one to one rehabilitation. I’m qualified to teach on Pilates equipment , such as Reformer and Cadillac and many more, as well as mat. I constantly seek to build on my wisdom and experience by attending special interest workshops with well known teachers from around the world and undertaking personal study with special interest in anatomy and holistic healing methods.
In addition to teaching throughout Dublin, I’m also available for online lessons via Zoom..

Class Hours


11:30 – 12:30

New Term the 1st Tuesday of every month.  €14 per class