Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop

In this workshop we’ll start creating our vision boards for the year or months ahead. A vision board is a collection of images we pick and thoughtfully place onto our board. Vision boards are not just for new year resolutions but as it is the beginning of a new year, it’s a lovely time of year to connect with your present self and with the visions you hold for your future self.

What to expect

We will start the class with some grounding exercises and writing prompts to help you reflect on lessons learned this past year, patterns in your life, connect with your deeper self and honestly identity with areas you want to shift, change and evolve in your life. These exercises will encourage you to connect with your purpose and trust your own inner guide on what you want to achieve.
We will then choose images that represent what you’re aiming to achieve – you choose your images and each image is placed strategically on the board. I’ll explain how to place your images in the class.
Visions boards serve as a visual reminder of our intentions. It is very easy to lose sight of our desires as we continue our paths -this board is a powerful tool to help us continually encourage us to aim for these goals.
This class is open for everyone over 18 years old.

To book
Please contact Winnie directly on 086 8419335 or through Instagram and Facebook at Yogasolas if
you have any questions. Details are below.
Spaces are limited.
You will be asked to pay in advance to secure your booking but please contact me to discuss
available options.

Class Trainer

Winnie Hanway

I am a Yoga Teacher and Women’s Circle facilitator (and much more!). I really enjoy sharing my love of yoga, meditation, women’s circles & grounding exercises in an area I truly embrace and embody. I am fully qualified as a yoga teacher and Women’s Circle facilitator. I encourage everyone to find a practice that brings presence, awareness and grounding to their lives whenever possible, whatever that practice may be. There are many tools we can use to connect with and embrace our true inner self. and lives and it’s important to.

My workshops provide a supportive, energetic and relaxed environment to all. I warmly welcome everyone into my workshops, people of all ages and sex, from complete beginners to those who want to improve their personal growth and development. I encourage everyone to come and devote
that time to connect with yourself.

19th of January 

8:00pm -9:30pm